How To Escape Every Prison In 2022

How To Escape Every Prison In 2022

How To Escape Every Prison In 2022 – This is a complete outline of how to get out of prison and gain the Houdini & Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife.

BitLife Life Simulator is a mobile game that is getting more popular each day. The primary reason people are moving into BitLife by 2022 is the mini-games. There are many mini-games to play within BitLife that will keep you wanting to play for long hours.

There’s a mini-game that demands players to escape out of every prison in BitLife. If you’ve played BitLife are aware of the difficulty of trying to escape from prison in the game. This is the reason why a large number of players have been asking lots of questions regarding BitLife prisoners’ escape.

How To Escape Every Prison In 2022

Three kinds of prisons are available in BitLife three types Minimum, Medium, and Maximum. It is important to note that each prison map differs. If you’re in the medium or minimum prisons in BitLife it is easy to escape, but if you’re imprisoned in the Maximum prison, you’ll have to put in lots of effort in order to escape.

In addition, if you were caught escaping jail in BitLife and are caught, a few more years could be included in your punishment along with the charge of felony “Attempted escape”. Therefore, ensure that you make an attempt only if you’re completely prepared.

To make your job easier, we’ve created an inventory of all prison maps as well as the solutions to them. Before we explain how to get out of any prison in BitLife Let me show you how you can get into the prison of the game.

As in real life, you have to commit a crime for the purpose of going to prison In BitLife. If you are found guilty of an offense, you’ll be dismissed from your current position and then taken to Prison. In addition, there are some positions that you could be able to get as a prisoner, but they pay no pay.

It is a fact that breaking out of the security prison of BitLife is not an easy task, however, there are certain tricks and tricks that will make it possible to escape from prison in no minutes. Before you attempt to get out of BitLife prison, I will inform you that the guard will move twice every time you move.

The flaw that this guard has is that he does not walk horizontally at first. Therefore, if he is doing exactly the same thing, we’ll be forced to guard the cop against the walls of the prison. No matter if you’re being surrounded by police officers, you are able to move to the left or right since he’ll move first in a horizontal direction.

If there’s an obstruction above him following it is possible for him to catch you since the only way to move is horizontal. This isn’t the only, but it is the most efficient method to escape prison in BitLife. In addition to this, we also provide an information sheet that can be used to cheat on all map layouts and an instructional video that explains the same in the most straightforward way.

BitLife: How To Get Every Ribbon – How To Escape Every Prison In 2022

In BitLife There are a variety of ribbons that require you to be released from jail in order to get them. The ribbons that require you to be safe from the prison are Cunning, Deadly, Houdini, Scandalous, and Jailbird.

Jailbird Ribbon – How To Escape Every Prison In 2022

To earn Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife, you just have to go to jail and get out at least three or four times. After you have completed this, you can sit in your cell and get older until you begin to croak. After that, you’ll receive an award called the Jailbird Ribbon.

Houdini Ribbon – How To Escape Every Prison In 2022

Like Jailbird Ribbon, you will need to visit the prison in order to escape at least a few times. After that, you’ll have to get better and to the 60s. After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be required to rob homes and be arrested for the robbery. If you do this, you will be taken to prison and you’ll need to be released from jail without triggering alarms.

If you can do this several times and you’ll earn a Houdini ribbon within BitLife. In the meantime, you may like to learn ways to swim and complete the Titanic Challenge in Birdlife.